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The Folsom Chamber of Commerce JobsPAC is a political action committee that contributes to candidates and causes for the purpose of growing the economy, creating jobs and protecting the overall quality of life for Folsom residents and small business community.

JobsPAC accomplishes this through:

Direct Candidate Support – JobsPAC provides financial support to, and runs independent campaigns for, State and Local candidates who are committed to improving the business climate, promoting job creation and finding solutions by collaborating with all stakeholders. 

Voter Education – JobsPAC shares information and educates voters about the positions candidates take on issues affecting our economy and quality of life. 

Ballot Initiatives – JobsPAC plays an active role in local and state ballot initiative campaigns.

Your support is critical to electing business-friendly candidates to our city council, as well as regional and statewide offices, for the benefit of our local economy and overall quality of life. Please contribute to JobsPAC today by donating to the PAC and/or sponsoring our upcoming events. 

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