Folsom River District

American River: Folsom's Natural Gem

Our beloved city of Folsom is grateful to have an incredible natural asset that enhances the door to our community, the American River. Nestled between neighborhoods, businesses, State Parks, the city of Folsom, and the Historic Folsom District, the American River spans more than six miles encompassing the Lake Natoma area. Serene waterways welcome residents and visitors to a beautiful and natural habitat where picnics, hiking, kayaking, cycling, fishing, horseback ridings, and more are enjoyed, and incredible memories are made 

people kayaking in lake Natoma during sunset
Ariel view of the American river

The Vision

To work with community partners and stakeholders to enhance our region’s greatest asset, the jewel of our region. Folsom has an incredible opportunity to make the river a more integral part of the community, to enhance amenities, to create better access for all to enjoy, preserve, and protect while creating new recreational and economic development opportunities.

The Background Story

The Folsom River District visioning process took place between March 20 and August 6, 2018 as a volunteer led effort of the Folsom River District Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee was sponsored by Choose Folsom.

In the approximately five-month time span, more than 250 people were engaged in the process that began with a community kick-off event in March and was followed by three public workshops.

Choose Folsom contracted with the planning and design firm, Ascent Environmental, Inc., to provide visioning and facilitation services for the public workshops on the River District. The focus of the workshops was to share the concept of a Folsom River District with the community and gather community input on possible ways to enhance and improve Folsom’s waterfront on Lake Natoma and the American River.

Folsom General Plan 2035

The riverfront areas of Folsom are great assets that are currently underutilized. While they offer recreational opportunities for Folsom residents, access to the river is limited.

Folsom has the opportunity to make the river a more integral part of the community fabric by turning its attention to the river and increasing access.

(The City should) enhance the role of Lake Natoma as a place to recreate and an amenity for Folsom residents and elevate Lake Natoma’s role in supporting local and regional business and commerce, including tourism, recreation and leisure, while maintaining compatibility with the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area General Plan.

(The City should) invest in strategically-located sites along the length of Lake Natoma for a diverse mix of passive and active recreation and tourism activities that are compatible with nearby land uses, historically and culturally important sites, significant habitat areas, restoration sites, and native fish and wildlife usage. –  Folsom General Plan 2035