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Top 10 Reasons Millennials are Flocking to Folsom

1.  The job market is BOOMING: We all know how important having a good paying job is for your quality of life. And Folsom boasts a very impressive 2.8% unemployment rate, more than a full percentage point below the national average (3.9%). Colossal tech companies like Intel have put their stakes in the ground of this lovely California city, moving their operations from the Bay Area. Maybe it’s time you consider a similar course.

2.  Paddleboard commute? Check: The idea may seem far-fetched to those accustomed to the grind of commuter traffic, but it’s simply an appealing option of transportation and recreation here in Folsom. Directly connected to the American River and touting one the states largest lakes and reservoirs (Folsom Lake), the city is a mecca for all things watersport. Grab your buddies for day trip of wakeboarding, take a dip in the river only footsteps from your office, or take that lakefront selfie on a paddle board that’s been eluding you since your last vacation.

3.  Speaking of outdoor activities… you can get lost in the 56+ miles of walking and biking trails interconnected throughout the city. The gorgeous wilderness is inviting to both the adventurous and fitness conscious resident. The trails are also scattered with amenities to make your recreation more suitable for the 21st century. Paths even have divider lanes to protect the unknowing trailblazer from oncoming cyclists. This is common during times of high volume Twitter posting when looking up from your phone is more of a luxury than a necessity.

4.  Did we mention the San Francisco-style taqueria? Need we say more? Bay Area transplants have graciously transported their delicious recipes and preparations from the Mission District, directly into the heart of Downtown Folsom. For those looking for delicious fare reminiscent of the authentic hot spots in the Bay and Silicon Valley, look no further. Mmm, Mission Style Burritos **drool**

5.  It’s the only city with a Johnny Cash trail: Enthusiasts of one America’s greatest entertainers and songwriters can immerse themselves in a plethora of Johnny Cash themed recreations and events, starting with the Johnny Cash trail. The trail winds its way in and out of Historic Folsom, even near the site of the infamous Folsom Prison Blues concert where Cash made himself a household name. Johnny Cash left his fingerprint on this city in a multitude of ways, and his likeness is sprinkled throughout the city in the form historical sites and artifacts. So don’t be shy, come Walk The Line

6.  Young families LOVE it here: The median age of residents in Folsom is 37. What does that mean? It means young families are establishing roots in the historic city and attaining a better quality of life than some of its local or surrounding counterparts.  With a bustling workforce, rapidly growing economy and attractive amenities & recreation, young professionals are seizing the opportunity for ideal work/life balance in Folsom that simply can’t be achieved in surrounding cities. With competing sectors rising in areas like home prices and cost of living, Folsom is emerging as one of the state’s best kept secrets for quality of life.

7.  What do families ALSO love? Safety: Aside from the attractive elements in regards to lifestyle that are associated with the city, another feather in the cap for Folsom is its safety. Folsom is rated in the top 30 safest cities in not only California, but the ENTIRE nation. Crime is low and law enforcement emphasizes community safety in their everyday practices. Walking with your significant other through a seedy area of town to grab ice cream will be a thing of the past once you settle down in this safe and protected community.

8.  Education is top notch: For professionals who emphasize the importance of education to their loved ones, Folsom is a highly coveted and desired destination. For those seeking top tier education and facilities for our future minds and thought leaders, the city touts private school quality education at the public level. You’ll find Folsom High School and Vista Del Lago High School appearing in the top 10% of schools nationwide. Folsom school districts are upper echelon in terms of Subject Proficiency on the College Readiness Index, making it an ideal setting for those seeking abundance in learning and college university enrollment. Minus the frat house vibes.

9.  Life’s a beach: Folsom was recently rated as one of the top beach towns in the US. No, seriously. Although there is no direct connection to the Pacific coastline in Folsom, it does host a bevy of rivers and lakes as mentioned above. So much so that it was categorized as a beach town because of its aquatic recreational appeal. Who wants to spend an hour in gridlock traffic on treacherous Highway 17, when you can be to the lake or river (complete with sandy banks and refreshing water temperature) in just a few short minutes? It’s sort of a no-brainer.

10.  Speaking of traffic.....we don’t have that: That’s not to say there isn’t commuter congestion on the roads during peak hours. I mean, Folsom IS a growing hotbed for young professionals. But the idea of driving for over an hour to travel 10 miles home after work is a bit of a foreign concept around these parts. And that means more time to spend with your friends and family; and less time screaming obscenities at that driver in front of you who was too busy talking on their phone to use their turn signal.

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