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StemExpress Expanding in Folsom


StemExpress Expanding in Folsom

In 2016 StemExpress relocated their headquarters and lab from Placerville, CA to Folsom and they have been in full growth mode since. In 2018, StemExpress has seen a 39% growth rate from 41 to 57 employees. Things are not slowing down for StemExpress with 20 job openings posted across all departments including executive level, marketing, IT, and laboratory technician positions.

StemExpress is changing the biotech industry through innovation and vision led by Sacramento State University graduate, CEO, Cate Dyer. For more about CEO Cate Dyer and StemExpress view the Folsom Focus Video.

About StemExpress

"In 2010, StemExpress was created to change the entire industry by accelerating research and clinical trials through the implementation of our own Stem Cell Collection Centers, state-of-the-art cell manufacturing laboratories, and by actively creating the largest global network of hospitals and clinics to push research and studies forward, quicker and more efficiently. By shortening the time it takes to collect samples or isolate primary cells, we can help reduce months, and even years off a project. That means new cures and treatments can reach patient care faster, giving months and years back to the people afflicted with serious medical conditions.

Every day, researchers around the world are looking for new treatments and cures for significant diseases. In order to conduct this vital research, they need biospecimens from donors, both healthy and diseased. They use these biospecimens to test applications, discover new drugs, and create new diagnostic and surgical devices.

The speed at which research and clinical trials are conducted can be significantly hampered by the time it takes to collect these biospecimens. Delays in sample collection can be due to the time it takes to recruit unique donors, the collection of specific blood products, or the isolation of primary cells needed for a study. In some cases, the process of acquiring the right donors can add upwards of five to ten years to a project, and consequently a long delay for patients waiting for a solution.

"Express is not just part of our name, it’s a commitment to acceleration because our work saves and improves lives."

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