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Sunday, May 19th | 9am - 1pm

Sponsor a Cause, Serve up Hope

Join us for an exciting fundraising event that combines passion for community improvement with the fun of pickleball! It's a chance to serve up hope and rally together for a cause, all while showcasing your commitment to Folsom's vibrant community.

LEadership Folsom Presents Pickle
for a purpose

Every year, Leadership Folsom undertakes a class community project aimed at improving the quality of life for Folsom residents, workers, and visitors, as part of its mission to develop personal leadership capabilities and knowledge of the city. 

This year, Leadership Folsom class of 2024 is proud to present ‘Pickle For A Purpose,’ an exciting event designed to bring our community together while supporting two crucial initiatives in Folsom – the revitalization and restoration of our local parks through the City’s Parks and Recreation Department and
Jake’s Journey Home.

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Dual Impact: Supporting Cummings Family Park and Jake’s Journey Home

Your sponsorship of Pickle For A Purpose goes beyond just supporting a community event—it directly benefits two crucial initiatives in Folsom. The funds raised will be allocated to support the refurbishment of Cummings Family Park and assist Jake’s Journey Home, a local non-profit dedicated to helping unhoused veterans and community members.

Cummings Family Park, a beloved community space on Creekside Drive, is in need of renovation to enhance its amenities, including new picnic tables and benches. By sponsoring our event, you’ll contribute to the restoration of this multi-functional park, ensuring it remains a vibrant and accessible hub for all residents to enjoy.

In addition, your sponsorship will empower Jake’s Journey Home to continue its vital work in providing wrap-around support services to unhoused veterans and community members. From inpatient care to job training and access to essential services, this non-profit organization is making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.

Pickle For A Purpose Event Overview

Event Details

Pickle For A Purpose will be hosted at Folsom’s Lifetime Fitness on Sunday, May 19th from 9am to 1pm

Community Engagement

Attendees will enjoy food and plenty of fun while connecting with other community members, companies, and leaders in Folsom.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Your sponsorship isn’t just a donation—it’s an investment in the well-being and vitality of our community. Join us in making a lasting impact by becoming a sponsor of Pickle For A Purpose today.

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