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Folsom River District Community Outreach Report



On behalf of the Greater Folsom Partnership and the River District Organizing Committee, it is my pleasure to present the Folsom River District Visioning Community Outreach Report for public review. On Tuesday, August 28th, the City Council approved the Folsom General Plan 2035 which includes language regarding a Folsom River District and support for the appropriate enhancement of the City’s riverfront areas for current and future residents. While the Report does not contain specific recommendations for a potential future River District, it does contain valuable data regarding community thoughts on what such a district should look like. This information can be used if and when the City decides to pursue a River District planning process as allowed for under the new General Plan.

The River District Organizing Committee wants to thank the more than 250 residents, business owners and other stakeholders for their participation in the five-month process that involved three separate workshops and provided an opportunity to share ideas and different points of view regarding the future of Lake Natoma and the American River in the City of Folsom. We also want to express appreciation to the State Department of Parks and Recreation and the Federal Bureau of Reclamation for their input in this process as owners/managers of much of the property included in the proposed River District boundaries.

The Organizing Committee looks forward to working with the City, the community and the other involved governmental agencies as part of any future efforts to advance a River District in Folsom and will continue to advocate in support of this endeavor.

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