Balanced Living for Young Professionals – Choose Folsom

Balanced Living for Young Professionals

Balanced living, as any young professional knows, is the sweet center of any community. A perfect balance includes professional growth, connectivity, a relaxed pace of life and ongoing outreach programs for the betterment of the community from planting trees to mentoring youth.

But it also includes fun. There is life after work and you really can have it all in Folsom.

With its vibrant arts scene at Folsom Lake College’s Harris Center,  exploding interest in microbrews with the opening of new unique pubs and studios embracing a popular indoor cycling fitness trend guaranteed to ramp the heart, Folsom can offer young professionals what they are looking for in a community.

The best part is you don’t have to jump in your car to get back to nature. Just walk outside your home or office and there will be a trail to take you on a bike ride to Lake Natoma or a jog along a stream. This bustling city has kept its nature and we encourage you to enjoy it too.

Folsom Leading Young Professionals is a stand-out resource for networking as it is part of the Folsom Chamber of Commerce. This active group gets involved in the community through rolling up their sleeves and volunteering at various important events and causes. It’s all about empowerment while encouraging growth and freedom for success.

The group has the opportunity to gain valuable insight through programs featuring informal discussions with Folsom leaders who provide advice both on professional topics and sometimes an insider view of community concerns. In addition, the group manages the Lois B. Young Scholarship program which typically awards two scholarships a year – one to a community college student and one to a student attending a four year college.

At the Folsom Chamber, FLYP members are encouraged to make a difference in their community and at the same time develop a career that’s engaging and challenging.

To help with the process of professional development, the chamber offers a leadership class each year which includes speakers, tours and information designed to produce future community leaders. The class discusses community hot-topics, visit with city leaders and learn valuable skills from polishing public speaking to engaging social media.

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