Room to Grow. Expansion Ready!

Enhancing our quality of life
Folsom Ranch is aimed at protecting and enhancing our quality of life. Here are some of the highlights, with detailed information on linked pages:

30% Open Space: This is the area’s true prize. A full 30 percent of the site will be left in its natural state. This allocation does not include the ample acreage also set aside for parks.

Transportation Improvements: Planned projects, including a limited-access road alongside Highway 50 and eventually bus rapid transit, will keep the area’s traffic from overwhelming nearby communities and give residents workable and walkable options for ditching their cars.

Vibrant Town Center: Right in the middle of the plan area, and part of Folsom Ranch, will be a vibrant “village core” with all the assets that make small towns so appealing: a civic center, aquatic center, library, high-density housing, community recreation facilities, easy walkability, multiple transportation options and more. Residents of the Town Center may never need to use their cars, said then-Mayor Miklos. The suburban-style neighborhoods that fan out from the Town Center will have direct transit access to this core area.

Public Parks: The area will feature two large community parks and smaller parks accessible to every neighborhood.

Hiking and Biking Trails: Folsom is already respected for its biking and hiking trails, and this area will add to them in both quantity and quality. They’re planned to be practical as well as recreational.

Quality Housing: About 11,000 homes will be built in the entire plan area. Some will be stately homes with stunning views, others will be modeled after Folsom’s most popular neighborhoods to serve every family situation and income level.

Quality Jobs: Up to 8,000 jobs are expected here at buildout with a balance of employment opportunities that includes high-paying jobs at corporate campuses.

SchoolsBy the time the project is complete, Folsom will have a third public high school and middle school and five more elementary schools. All schools will be fully funded by state funds, general obligation bonds and developer fees at no cost to existing Folsom residents.