Education in the Folsom area

Local Schools, Colleges, and Other Higher Education Opportunities in the Folsom Area

Folsom offers residents one of the highest rated public school systems in California (source: and numerous college and higher education opportunities located nearby.  The Sacramento area offers a wide selection of business education courses, 2-year community colleges and 4-year options including UC Davis & Sacramento State. Here are information links.

Local Folsom Schools

Folsom Cordova Unified School District

Folsom School Directory

Pre-K Schools


Community Colleges & 4-year Colleges 

Folsom Lake College

Sacramento State University

University of California at Davis

Sierra College

Consumnes River Colleges

Sacramento City College

American River College

Art Institue – Sacramento

Colleges in CA


Education for Small Business Owners & MBA Programs

SBA Small Business Learning Center

Folsom Business Classes

Folsom Chamber Business Tools & Services

Small Business Courses offered by Coursera

Sac State Executive MBA

Local (Sacramento) Score Workshops

The Best & Most Affordable Online MBA Programs

MBA Programs Offered Without the GMAT Test

1-year (Accelerated) Online Business & MBA Programs


Higher Education Resources & Online Learning Options for Local Residents

US News

Collegeboard Big Future

Career & Vocational/Trade School

Online Universities & Distance Learning

Accredited Online College Search

Guide to Online Community Colleges

America’s Best Online Colleges & Universities

Listing of The Most Affordable Online Universities

Online Colleges & Schools Located in California

Accredited Online Schools & College Programs in California