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Joseph P. Gagliardi

ChooseFolsom.com is a collaborative effort of the Greater Folsom Partnership, in particular the Folsom Economic Development Corporation. In cooperation with the city of Folsom, the partnership is committed to the city’s economic well-being in the future. The goal is balancing jobs with residents, planning corporate campuses and room for retail, quality of life amenities, and providing support to ensure outstanding education options exist to produce the workforce of the future. All of these aspects are what makes Folsom a star in the Sacramento region.

This effort is facilitated by CEO Joseph P. Gagliardi and the staff at the Folsom Economic Development Corporation. Let the organization be your concierge providing a personal introduction to Folsom. Companies including PowerSchool, VSP Global, Gekkeikan Sake USA, Kikkoman Foods, Intel, Micron and others understand the importance of this unique Folsom resource.

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More about Joseph P. Gagliardi Gagliardi is CEO of the Greater Folsom Partnership – a collaborative effort of three important entities – the Folsom Economic Development Corporation, the Folsom Tourism Bureau and the Folsom Chamber of Commerce. In this role, he leverages all three organizations to contribute to the city’s economic strength and success. Gagliardi, a civil engineer, has been contributing to the foundation of Folsom for more than 25 years. He is known for creatively thinking outside the box. When a funding mechanism was needed for tourism, Gagliardi was instrumental in the creation of the Tourism BID, a tool being adopted statewide to support tourism marketing.

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Interested in experiencing Folsom? Contact Joe  at 916-985-2698. or email Joeg@folsom.partners